The Spanish Network of Cancer Registries (REDECAN) was created in November 2010 to respond to a series of needs:

  • From cancer registries themselves: standardize registry systems, improve data quality, support new registries, etc.
  • From authorities, societies and health professionals: have more reliable, updated and comprehensive epidemiological data on incidence, survival and prevalence, for example, national estimates of incidence.

The Spanish registries already had a degree of collaborative experience. The result of this had been several publications, the last of which was the monographic supplement of the Annals of Oncology journal Cancer Control in Spain: an assessment in a European context of 2010 together with other institutions.

REDECAN wants and can be useful to the country's health authorities, becoming the main tool for cancer population surveillance in Spain. To do this, REDECAN periodically provides valid information that contributes to the planning, surveillance and control of cancer in Spain by obtaining quality, reliable and updated information on the incidence, survival and prevalence of cancer in Spain. To make this possible, REDECAN member registries created a Joint Database that made it possible from then on to carry out the necessary statistical analyzes to obtain the desired results. As a result, on July 1, 2015, the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality approved a resolution by which it recognized the Joint Database of the Spanish Network of Cancer Registries (REDECAN) as a registry of interest to the System National Health.

The REDECAN's first presentation in a scientific event was at the XXXVII Annual Meeting of the Groupe pour l'Epidémiologie et l'Enregistrement du Cancer dans les Pays de Langue Latine (GRELL) that took place in Porto in May 2012.

At the XXXV Annual Meeting of the Spanish Epidemiology Society (SEE) held in September 2017, REDECAN proposed in collaboration with the National Cancer Strategy of the National Health System and the Joint Research Centre of the European Union, the spontaneous Roundtable “Los Population Cancer Registries as Instruments for Epidemiological Surveillance and Cancer Control ”in which, among other topics, he presented the communication on the situation of population cancer registries in Spain at that time.

About us

Currently the member registries of REDECAN are: