How do we work?

General objective

The main objective of REDECAN is to strengthen the role of the Spanish population cancer registries and the Spanish Registry of Childhood Tumors (RETI) as one of the main elements of the information system on cancer in Spain.

The purpose is to contribute to the general objective of cancer surveillance and control in Spain, providing a continuous and organized framework for the activities of the Spanish population-based cancer registries and the RETI.

Specific objectives

Contribute to the comparability and standardization of registry systems
Facilitate the training of technical teams for cancer registries
Strengthen the role of professionals in cancer registries
Support new population-based cancer registries
Promote cooperative studies
Ensure the quality of data from the registries belonging to REDECAN
Obtain and provide to the authorities health and scientific community information on the incidence, survival and prevalence of cancer in Spain
Improve the visibility of population cancer registries, both at the level of the health authority, as well as health professionals and the general population
Promote, facilitate, conduct and publish cancer research based on data from cancer registries
Promote cooperation with cancer registries with their counterparts in Latin America


The work at Redecan is directed by the Board of Directors, which is made up of a representative from each of the cancer registries (preferably with medical, epidemiological and statistical training) as full members. The meetings of the Board of Directors are also attended by members of other registries in the process of consolidation as observer members. They meet periodically, establish the rules of operation of the Network and make timely decisions on the different issues.

In addition, Redecan has established a series of working groups to advance the objectives of the Network.

Criteria for inclusion of records in the NETWORK
Operating rules
Cooperative projects
Comparability, standardization and quality of data
Financing of activities
Joint Database
National estimates
Rare tumors


Common methodology for presenting and approving cooperative projects
Standard methodology for the use of demographic data in calculating rates
Methodology for calculating the estimates of incidence, survival and prevalence at the level of Spain
Methodology for maintaining the joint database

REDECAN operating standards

Redecan's operating standards have been drawn up and agreed upon by the REDECAN Board of Directors.

The latest version of these standards can be consulted at the following link:

Normas de funcionamiento Redecan (17/06/2019)