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The owner of this web page is REDECAN, Spanish Network of Cancer Registries

The following are the conditions of use relating to access to this website as well as the use of the information contained therein. It is reported that once the user accesses and makes use of the information, they express their unreserved acceptance of the conditions of use.

Modalities of reuse of the information on the REDECAN page

The reuse of all content and data is allowed without time limitation or restriction beyond the basic conditions established in article 8 of Law 37/2007 on the reuse of public sector information (citation of the source, no alteration or denaturation of the information and specification of the date of the last update), and provided that it does not contradict the license or notice that a work may have and that it is the one that prevails.

To reuse the information, the following conditions must be followed:

  • Do not distort the meaning of the information
  • Always cite the source of the information
  • Mention the date of the last update of the information
  • Must always cite the author or owner of the rights: [REDECAN]

Other forms of reuse

Likewise, reuse can be limited by the protection of other priority legal assets, such as the protection of personal data, privacy or the intellectual protection rights of third parties. The reuse of works protected by intellectual property can be formalized through the use of open broadcast licenses, such as Creative Commons, which grant certain rights to exploit the works. In the contents where this type of licenses is applied, reuse is allowed under the conditions established.

Intellectual and industrial property

The use of logos, brands, shields and distinctive symbols of REDECAN in publications and websites that are not participated or sponsored by this association is not authorized in any case. These elements of corporate graphic identity are the exclusive property of REDECAN and are protected by current applicable legislation.

Responsibility and conditions of content

REDECAN is not responsible for the legality of the information contained in third-party websites that are linked from this website. Nor is it responsible for the content of those web pages that contain links to this web.

REDECAN is not responsible for the uses made by third parties of the information contained on the website or for the consequences, damages or losses caused by the use of this information.

Rules of coexistence in social networks

These general guidelines regulate the relationship between REDECAN and the users of social networks and each social network (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, etc...).

On these pages, profiles or channels, fans or followers can receive information from the entity and on their wall they can comment on it and share it with friends. It is the duty of all users of this site to abide by and respect the rules of coexistence that are established below and agree, assuming those who contravene them, the responsibilities to which they give rise and the mandatory claims that may arise, both of a civil nature as a criminal.

In order to maintain a peaceful relationship between all, we must respect each other and comply with the following rules of coexistence:

  1. We all have the right to freedom of expression, but remember that your rights end where those of other users begin. Respect comments and those who make them.
  2. Comments that violate the law, against the rights of users will not be allowed. Obscene, violent comments or the sending of files that violate morality, the spirit of the association, and that are inappropriate or that may damage the sensitivity of other users will not be tolerated.
  3. Offenses, insults referred to the center association or against the contents of the news will not be allowed, nor will comments that are not truthful be allowed.
  4. In case of contravening the aforementioned rules, the only person responsible will be the user from whom these comments were made or the files were attached.
  5. In accordance with the data protection regulations, it is forbidden to publish data of third parties without their consent. Avoid, also publish your personal data, or take the appropriate measures to do so responsibly.
  6. It is totally forbidden to use these walls to publish information on third-party products or publish links that redirect to third-party web pages outside of REDECAN, as well as spam by sending mass communications.
  7. REDECAN abrogates the right to modify the rules of coexistence described here, and to take all appropriate measures to eliminate all those comments or attached documents that violate them.
  8. Participation in social networks is absolutely voluntary, REDECAN makes them available for the sole purpose of informing and disseminating its activity. Therefore, the freedom of participation is linked to the individual agreement of each user with the REDECAN policy.